The Importance Of Having A Health Care Directive

None of us wants to think that we're going to become gravely ill, go into a coma, develop dementia or require life support. The reality, however, is that difficult medical situations happen all the time and being legally unprepared for them can create huge problems.

Choose The People You Trust. Make Sure Your Choices Are Honored.

Most people want to choose for themselves who will take charge of their medical care, finances and property if they become unable to do so themselves. For example, you may want one of your children to have responsibility for your medical treatment, while at the same time having a trusted friend be in charge of your bills; or you may want the same person to handle all your affairs if you become unconscious or incapacitated. An estate plan can be used to put your health care and financial decisions in writing, so that they will be honored.

As Wisconsin estate planning attorneys, we can help you make choices and prepare legal documents that can prevent legal problems and make things easier for your loved ones.

Powers Of Attorney And Health Care Directives

Also known as a POA, a power of attorney can refer to one of many types of powerful legal documents that will give you an opportunity to dictate who will make major decisions for you if you cannot. Power of attorney can also refer to the power you legally give to someone you designate to act in your best interests. Two important kinds of power of attorney are:

  • Health care powers of attorney: We can prepare important health care directives, including basic declarations to physicians and advanced health care directives that will let medical staff know about your specific wishes regarding things like life support, breathing tubes and organ donation.
  • Financial powers of attorney: A financial power of attorney allows you to designate a trusted relative or friend to make important financial decisions for you in the event that you become incapacitated. That person can deal with bank accounts, paying bills, selling property, filing taxes and making donations on your behalf.

Talk To Us About Putting Your Health Care Directive In Place

Our Kenosha and Milwaukee health care directive attorneys can equip you with the documents you need to put your health and finances in the hands of someone you trust should you become incapacitated. Our lawyers can answer all your questions about wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other important matters. Call us in Milwaukee or Kenosha at 414-326-9231 to learn more.