What Is Estate Planning?

Make Your Own Choices. Keep Yourself In The Driver's Seat.

In life, we are constantly planning, making decisions in advance about little things like what to have for lunch and bigger things like how we will pay this month's bills. Estate planning is about making very important choices in advance. It's about staying in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing what will happen to your money and property when you die or become unable to handle your own affairs.

At Miller & Miller Law, LLC, we can work with you on an estate plan that will help you and your loved ones stay in control of your affairs and prevent unnecessary legal and family problems in the future. Everyone's legal needs are different, so contact us for advice about your specific situation.

Professional Legal Documents To Help You Cover Your Bases

What is estate planning? In one sense, it is about having a strategy for how to handle uncertainty and protect yourself, but in another sense estate planning is a matter of having a group of documents to help you cover your legal bases. As Wisconsin estate planning attorneys, we help our clients by preparing:

  • Wills — legal documents that specify who will be responsible for a person's affairs and what will happen to their assets when they die
  • Trusts — specific legal arrangements that can be used to determine what will happen to a person's money and property, and avoid certain taxes
  • Powers of attorney — legal documents that specify who will make decisions about finances, health and other matters for a person who is unable to do so

Get Your Questions Answered. Find Affordable, Customized Legal Solutions.

Our Milwaukee and Kenosha estate planning lawyers can answer all of your questions about wills, trusts, estate tax planning and important financial matters in plain language, and we can provide affordable legal solutions that are customized to you and your family's specific needs. Call us in Milwaukee or Kenosha at 414-326-9231 to learn more.