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Foreclosures Rose 5% in Wisconsin

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2010 | Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy |

As reported in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel foreclosure filings in May rose about 5% in Wisconsin from the same month last year, as consumers continued to face the threat of losing their homes amid high unemployment.

There were 2,311 foreclosure actions statewide in May, compared with 2,201 in May of 2009, according to preliminary figures from ForeclosureAlarm.com, a Madison firm that tracks filings in the state.

Statewide, May had 115 filings per business day, an amount that’s been “relatively stable” for the past nine months, said Philip Crawford, founder of ForeclosureAlarm.com.

In southeastern Wisconsin, May foreclosure filings increased 5.4% from May of last year, to 997 from 946, a check of court records in the seven-county area on Tuesday showed. On the brighter side, that was down about 8% from 1,084 in April of this year.

While filings stayed steady in Milwaukee County from a year ago at 527, they jumped 51% in Waukesha County to 136 in May of 2010 from 90 in May of 2009.


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