The first step is recognizing that there is a problem. If thinking of your debt keeps you up at night you probably already know that you’re in over your head. Or perhaps you are “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and you may not realize that you’re on a dangerous slope. If you find that you fit either category, you may want to seriously think about getting a handle on your debt.

1. You routinely spend more than you earn.

2. You only make the minimum payment required on your credit cards

3. Your credit limit(s) is maxed out.

4. You are not aware of your total debt or what is on your credit report.

5. You skip paying some bills to pay others or use cash advances or payday loans to pay off others.

6. You argue with your spouse/significant other about money or afraid to discuss money with your spouse/significant other.

7. You panic when faced with an unexpected expense such as a broken water heater or car repair.

8. You owe more on your car than it’s worth.

9. Creditors are calling about overdue bills.

10. You are thinking about filing for bankruptcy.