1. All debts must be listed. It is illegal to pick and choose when listing your creditors. All creditors must be listed even the ones you intend to pay after filing i.e. your mortgage

2. You may have to turn over tax refunds to the bankruptcy trustee. Part or all of any tax refunds due for the tax year a bankruptcy case is file may be required to be turned over to the trustee.

3. You must list all business information if you are self-employed. You must list all personal and business debts, assets and income.

4. You need to refrain from incurring new debts before filing. Intentionally incurring debts with the intent not to pay may be a crime.

5. Keep making your house and car payments if you intend to keep the property.

6. Lying can get your case thrown out of court. The Court may disallow a bankruptcy if a client misrepresents any facts or otherwise lies on the papers filed in the bankruptcy.

7. Bankruptcy stops all bill collectors. The creditors including tax collectors are barred from attempting to collect any debt from you the instant the petition is filed. Bankruptcy does not stop any criminal proceeding or government regulatory proceeding.