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On Behalf of | May 4, 2011 | Bankruptcy Means Test, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy |

If you are behind on your mortgage payment and you have not consulted with a bankruptcy lawyer within the last two weeks I would urge you to contact Attorney James Miller at Miller & Miller to discuss your options regarding the new Chapter 13 bankruptcy loan modification program. The bankruptcy court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin has initiated this brand new program for those who need immediate help to save their homes.

The Mortgage Modification Mediation Program is a new program designed to help qualified Chapter 13 debtors keep their homes by modifying their mortgage to an affordable payment. To qualify for this program you must have steady income. The bankruptcy court and your bankruptcy lawyer will work to set up an informal meeting between the borrower and mortgage lender to help get you caught up on your mortgage payment. The mediator cannot force a lender to modify a mortgage, but can help the debtor and the lender reach an agreement. This program is a way for the borrower and the lender to discuss whether modifying the mortgage is possible. The goal is to encourage the borrower and the lender to agree to a permanent mortgage modification which ultimately may help you get caught up on your mortgage payments.

This program is different from others because it has the weight of the Bankruptcy Court behind it to encourage mortgage lenders to cooperate with their borrowers to achieve a mortgage modification that is acceptable to all parties involved.

Call Attorney Miller today at 414-326-9231 or email him at [email protected] for a confidential consultation on how this loan modification program to help you.


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