Did you catch the bankruptcy jokes in last night’s Academy Awards telecast? I admit that I didn’t until I saw the highlight reels this morning.

In his monologue, host Billy Crystal welcomed everyone to the “Chapter 11 Theatre,” a nod to the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filed by Kodak back in January 2012. The Academy Awards have been held at the Kodak Theatre for years, but just last week, the judge in Kodak’s Chapter 11 case allowed them to remove their name from the venue. So where were the awards held? The Chapter 11 Theatre seems pretty accurate to me.

Later in the show, Mr. Crystal made a reference to the ailing Dodgers baseball club by joking with the front row of the biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood that they should all chip in and buy the team. It has been publicized that the team is looking at having to file bankruptcy to get out of serious financial trouble.

Most people, including myself, watch the Academy Awards to cheer on their favorite stars and movies and to see which actors and actresses look beautiful or laughable. Who knew bankruptcy would be a part of the most important awards show in Hollywood?