Did you receive a notice about foreclosure for your landlord? What do you do? Do you move from your apartment or rental house? The answer…stay put and keep paying rent but ask the mortgage company to let you know if a foreclosure is about to happen. If your apartment or rental home does get foreclosed, the bank will let you know and they should give you at least 30 days to move or perhaps the new owners will continue to rent to you. You might even get some free rent because you won’t have to pay rent to the bank after a foreclosure.

There is not a lot of risk that you will be asked to move. The landlord is still providing you a home and hopefully you are not having problems with the landlord. He’s just in trouble and it takes some time for the foreclosure to actually go through. If you are a landlord and having trouble keeping up with your mortgage then give Miller & Miller a call to help you with your financial bind.