Counting down the days till Black Friday? Can’t wait to ripe apart the ads and plan your shopping trip? Here is some advice to prepare for Black Friday.

What’s a smart tactic for snagging great discounts?

Do your homework? For one of the most popular shopping days of the year you need a plan of attack or you are bound to miss out on the best deals. Check the newspaper or online ads but read the fine print. You should also have a budget and a specific shopping list and stick to it! Compare prices between stores.

Is lining up the night before worth it?

Probably not! The companies that offer the hyper-deals at opening only have a handful of these available and unless you are first in-line – get your sleep.

Should you wait till Cyber-Monday or head to the store?

Your choice !

What’s most important for safely purchasing online?

Never enter your credit card information on a website’s checkout page if the URL doesn’t have an S after http. An https at the beginning of the link means it’s a secure site. You shouldn’t click on a link in an email if you don’t know the sender. Instead, copy and paste the URL into a new page.

Can you score major savings during the holidays outside of Black Friday?

Thanksgiving is becoming an increasingly popular day for deals. They are posted earlier, sending people straight from the dinner table to the Web. Some retailers may lower the price after Black Friday but the inventory may not be available. Watch for sales throughout the entire season.