On Feb. 20, a federal grand jury issued an indictment to a Neillsville man with charges related to bankruptcy fraud. The charges are in association with a bankruptcy case that was filed in April 2008, in which the 45-year-old man allegedly concealed assets during his personal bankruptcy proceeding; he was additionally charged with witness tampering.

According to the assistant attorney, the man provided a false bill of sale and also concealed a camper and nine guns in the 2008 bankruptcy filing. She states that he may face up to 30 years in prison if he receives the maximum penalty for the charges against him.

Court documents indicate that this man may not be working with a personal bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy is a complicated matter, and laws regarding the disclosure of assets and income may be difficult to understand. Professional legal advice and guidance may be helpful to the indicted man as he proceeds through the bankruptcy. Furthermore, the charges against him are serious, and the severity of the punishment may affect his life for many years to come. It may be possible for a bankruptcy attorney to build a defense in his favor.

Wisconsin residents who are considering the option to file for bankruptcy may want to contact a local attorney who focuses on this area of the law for assistance. Bankruptcy rules can be complex and difficult to understand, and an attorney may help those who wish to file for bankruptcy navigate the process. Through an initial consultation with a Wisconsin personal bankruptcy attorney, individuals saddled with debt can learn more about bankruptcy and may receive customized guidance for their needs.

Source: ABC 9 WAOW, “Neillsville man charged with bankruptcy fraud,” Robert Imrie, Feb. 21, 2013