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January 2014 Archives

Bankruptcy and other options to pay off credit card debt

Looking at your credit card statement and finding out that you don't have enough cash to pay it off is a scary situation that many people find themselves in. For some Wisconsin residents, this is a reality that they might have to face. Some people will simply pay the minimum payment or let the bill go unpaid. Others might wonder if they should use money in their savings to pay for the credit card bill.

Wisconsin residents file the most complaints against Capital One

Anyone who has a credit card has probably already heard this advice: Make sure you scrutinize each bill you get. A new report serves as a good reminder that consumers must be extra vigilant about doing a line-by-line check of the bill. According to this new report, people in Wisconsin file more complaints about Capital One than any other credit card company. Citibank and Bank of America rounded out the top three credit card companies with complaints.

Wisconsin dropouts amass high student loan debt

Deciding to pursue a higher education is usually met with the knowledge that some debt is going to be necessary. There are some instances in which that debt coupled with other debts just becomes too much to handle. For some Wisconsin students, finding out that online education isn't the right choice for them is leading to some serious financial consequences.

Bankruptcy filings down in Wisconsin

Going over your finances and discovering that you aren't able to pay all your bills can be a harrowing discovery. If you are finding that you need relief from your debts, filing for bankruptcy is one of the options you have to reorganize your debts or have them discharged. With the upswing in the economy, bankruptcy filings in 2013 in Wisconsin were down by about 25 percent from 2010 and 10 percent from 2012. That, however, doesn't mean that bankruptcy protection is a thing of the past.

Wisconsin residents warned of credit card scam

When you are trying to pay down credit card debt, the urge to use those cards might be strong. For some people in Wisconsin, the urge to use their credit card might be really strong after they get a phone call from a scammer. The Wisconsin Public Service Corporation is warning customers that scammers are preying on utility customers to make some quick cash.

Be wary of debt relief scams warns Senator Lassa

Getting into debt is something that usually doesn't take a considerable amount of time. For most people, getting out of that debt, though, is going to take time. Consumers who are in debt are usually willing to try a variety of options to pare down those debts, but some of the methods offered by companies aren't actually going to help at all. One Wisconsin Senator is warning consumers to be on the lookout for scam artists who are trying to make a quick dime off of your desire to get out of debt quickly.

Montgomery Gentry singer files for bankruptcy

Wisconsin fans of the famous country music singer Eddie Montgomery, part of the award winning country band Montgomery Gentry, may have heard that he filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, Jan. 7 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Lexington, Kentucky. In his filing, Mr. Montgomery listed $1.9 million in assets and $13.4 million in liabilities.

Evergreen Air seeks Chapter 7 protection after payment demands

Wisconsin residents may have heard that Evergreen International Airlines Inc. and several of its affiliates have decided to file for bankruptcy protection after it appeared as if creditors were pushing hard for the companies to make payments towards their debt. Evergreen Air filed for Chapter 7 protection on Dec. 31, 2013, only two weeks after creditors requested that the courts step in and force the company to pay off the debts it had accrued.

Debt consolidation leading to financial freedom

Within the past couple of decades, debt consolidation has become a popular way for many consumers in Wisconsin to get their finances back on track. When you over-extend yourself due to unforeseen circumstances, loss of a job or lack of planning skills, combining all financial obligations into affordable monthly payment may be the most effective venue. Each state has its own laws, but several options are available to alleviate or reduce the debt presently owned.

Airline company files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Wisconsin business owners may be interested in hearing the announcement that the Oregon-based airline company, Evergreen International Airlines, filed for bankruptcy on the last day of 2013 with a view towards dissolution. The company's decision to liquidate through a Chapter 7 petition in a Delaware federal bankruptcy court came about two weeks after a number of the company's creditors had filed an involuntary petition. Evergreen's assets are listed in the filing to be up to $100 million, with up to $500 million in debts owed to an extensive number of creditors including the company's founder and chairman.

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