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August 2014 Archives

Credit scores are set to rise for those with medical debt

According to many financial experts, one of the things that consumers should do every year is secure a free copy of their credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus. This simple step, they argue, can enable them to ensure that there are no errors present and provide them with a snapshot of their financial health as it relates to available credit.

An overview of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing

The term “bankruptcy” is likely one that many are familiar with. Those individuals may not be aware of what filing for bankruptcy entails however. For example, there are different chapters under which a consumer might file. One of those is Chapter 13.

Educate college students on responsible credit card use

This time of year many recent high school graduates are preparing to head off to their first year college. This endeavor will present a student with lots of new challenges both academic and otherwise. While students are well prepared to meet some of those challenges, others could benefit from some guidance. One of those areas may be how to use a credit card.

Getting Back On Your Financial Feet - 5 Quick Tips

If you are considering bankruptcy but are worried it may be hard to regain your financial footing, relax.   For many people bankruptcy is the only way to free themselves from debt and move on to a less stressful financial future.

New bill would forgive student debt during bankruptcy for some

As we have discussed in past posts, student loan debt can be extremely hard to get rid of, even for people who file for bankruptcy because of crippling medical debt. That’s why a member of Congress has proposed a small change in the consumer bankruptcy laws that would allow “medically distressed” individuals to have their student loan debt discharged during bankruptcy.

FICO announces new scoring system for medical debt

Imagine that you are injured in an accident and require medical treatment. But due to a misunderstanding regarding your health insurance, you end up having to pay more out of pocket than you had anticipated. You now find yourself in a situation many Americans have faced at least once in their life.

Wisconsin program that helps bankruptcy filers keep their homes

People often assume that when you file for bankruptcy, you lose everything including your house. But depending on which form of bankruptcy you file and where you live in the United States, this may not always be the case. If you're fortunate enough to live here in Wisconsin, as many of our readers probably do, then there is one program that may be worth checking out if you want to keep your home during the bankruptcy process.

Growth of consumer spending, income sluggish in Wisconsin

When the economy took a major hit a few years back, many people here in Wisconsin had their lives severely impacted. Some recently released statistics indicate that the effects of this economic turmoil have continued to linger in the state and may be influencing consumer behavior.

Building A Monthly Budget; Where To Begin?

For many people managing their expenses are one of the most difficult challenges they will face.   According to attorney James Miller of Miller and Miller Law, common advice is always "create a realistic budget to start", but what is realistic?  

Are you headed for bankruptcy? Find out now

Many Wisconsin residents have debt of some sort, whether it is mortgage debt, credit card debt, student loan debt or medical debt. But for some individuals, the debt spirals out of control and becomes unmanageable. When this happens, bankruptcy may be the only option.

College Costs, Debt And Savings

The cost of college and student loan debt is a hot topic in both the state and federal government.   While many efforts are underway to reign in these costs and the burden of student loans, there are some things that students can do on a smaller scale to help their financial situation each day.  

Shop Smart - Buy Used VS News When You Can

A great way to save some money is by purchasing used items instead of new when and where you can.   With the abundance of thrift shops and online sites like Craigslist, you can find almost anything if you're willing to take a little time.    

Travel Smart & Save Money On Your Trip

Everyone dreams of getting away for a bit, whether it's a trip to the Wisconsin Dells, a road trip to see family or few days in another city.  The good news is that your vacation doesn't need to make a big impact on your budget.  

We can help stop creditor harassment in its tracks

In our last post, we discussed a U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that could afford consumers more rights when facing debt collectors. Essentially, the decision further tightened a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requirement that debt collectors verify the legitimacy of the debt being sought.

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