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Simple Ways To Save At The Grocery

How many times have you unloaded the groceries at home and wondered how you spent so much on so little? Food, while obviously an essential, is an area where many people tend to over spend. If you are looking to save money and stick to a budget follow these simple steps the next time you head to the grocery store.

  1. Plan meals - Take the time to sit down the night before you grocery shop to plan what you'll be eating for the coming week. Once you have a few good plans written out, rotate them from week to week to save some time in the long run. Use coupons or the sales at the grocery store to help plan your meals.
  2. Write a list - We have all, at one time, had "extras" of something in the fridge because we forgot it was there and bought more.  Keep a list on the fridge and as soon as you run out of something, add it to  the list.
  3. Don't go shopping hungry - You'll end up buying more snack items that cost more and are generally less nutritious.
  4. Family pizza night - instead ordering delivery, have a family pizza (or stir-fry) night where the kids can create their own meal sensations. 
  5. Don't buy fruit and vegetables pre-cut - As convenient as it is to buy pre-cut fruits and vegetables, you pay a lot more for the privilege.
  6. Buy store brands - It's difficult to find flaw in the quality of the supermarket's home brand products.
  7. Cook with cheaper cuts of meat - what's especially good during Winter is when you can slow cook with cheaper cuts of meat. Steer clear of the pre -marinated meats in the fridge section too. They are more expensive and it's difficult to see the quality of the meat through the marinade.
  8. Go vegetarian one night - have a meat-free night once a week to save on the cost of meat. There are many delicious meat free recipes floating about on the internet.

By following these simple rules, you'll be keeping more cash in your pocket when you head to the grocery store.

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