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June 2015 Archives

Medical debt often leads to bankruptcy

When you are healthy, you have two significant advantages over those who are not; you are able to work and earn a living and you have little or no medical expenses. But when you are injured in an accident at work, in a car accident or even a recreational accident, like falling while water skiing or hiking, that all changes.

The intersection of bankruptcy and divorce

For the average American, visits to a lawyer's office may be rare. Car accidents, divorces and bankruptcies are likely to be among the most common reason they need to speak with an attorney. For some, there may be times when more than one of these needs coincide.

Bankruptcy during retirement?

Financial crisis can strike at anytime. Whether you are young in your prime earning years, or if you are looking at retirement, unexpected problems, like a divorce, injuries, medical conditions and job loss can intervene to sidetrack your plans. Sometimes, it is a temporary setback, like with a job loss, where you are lucky and quickly find a new job at the same pay.

Watch out for mortgage scams

When you receive letters in the mail or calls over the phone offering you deals that are too good to pass up, we offer this word of advice. Run. Run fast and call the better business bureau or check with the Wisconsin Attorney General's office of consumer protection and antitrust unit. Especially when they are making offers to "fix" mortgage problems, reduce payments or consolidate debt, there is a strong chance there may be fraud in the mix.

Tips for parents of millennials who are facing debt

This weekend, featured an alarming article on the crushing debt that many millennials are dealing with. Millennials are characterized as Americans between the ages of 18 and 34, and the demographic is becoming the largest living generation.

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