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Police waiting for bill payment following Wisconsin campaigns

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2017 | Stop Collections |

Police in Wisconsin are still waiting for bill payments following the Wisconsin campaigns of president-elect Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Departments in Wisconsin are not the only ones waiting for bills to be paid for the police protection provided during campaign stops in 2016. Some three dozen municipalities and law enforcement agencies across the country claim they have yet to see a dime from the campaign trail.

The Center for Public Integrity has released data that shows Trump has not paid $204,000 worth of police protection bills from the campaign. The Trump campaign has been sent multiple demand letters and collection notices, but does not recognize it owes any money in federal campaign financial disclosures. The same goes for the Clinton campaign.

The Sanders campaign has admitted in federal campaign financial disclosures that it owes almost two dozen law enforcement agencies and municipalities $449,409.

In Wisconsin, Eau Claire is waiting for Trump to pay $47,398 for security and traffic control during a visit to the town. In Green Bay, the city is waiting for $9,380 from Trump for his visit.

The officials from Eau Claire sent a demand letter to Trump on Sept. 27 regarding his visit on April 2. The letter claimed that the rally “incurred a significant amount” of costs for the city. The charges from Eau Claire range from providing officers lunch during the day to calling in officers from three neighboring towns to help.

Green Bay officials have said that Trump paid two bills so far; $1,403 for police security at a hotel and $9,550 for an event on Oct. 17. The city claims that Trump has yet to pay a $9,380 security bill from a rally held in August. Green Bay officials cannot explain why the third bill has yet to be paid.

Green Bay is also waiting for Clinton to pay bills stemming from three events that total $12,800. Eau Claire is waiting for Clinton to pay $6,812 from one visit.

If you are receiving debt collection notices or phone calls from creditors, you may feel as though you are drowning in debt. An experienced Wisconsin attorney can educate you on your options to stop debt collections.

Source: Urban Milwaukee, “Trump, Clinton, Sanders Haven’t Paid Bills,” Dave Levinthal, Jan. 14, 2017


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