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5 steps to stopping debt collector harassment

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2017 | Stop Collections |

Enduring a financial hardship can be stressful, emotional and physically draining. No matter how much you try, you just can’t seem to make ends meet. Those who are close to bankruptcy, or have already filed, might still be facing debt collectors. Here are five steps to stopping debt collector harassment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The first step is to write a letter to the debt collector asking them to stop their actions. They are required to follow your request under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If you are planning to file for bankruptcy or dispute the debt, you might not have to send a letter.

Document as much as you can when it comes to debt collectors regularly contacting you. All documented information can be checked against the list from the FDCPA to see if it is illegal. Try having someone with you when contacted by a debt collector so he or she can vouch for your situation.

A complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission is the third step to stopping debt collector harassment in Wisconsin. You can either fill out the forms provided by the FTC or simply write the agency a letter explaining the situation. Include all of the evidence you have gathered against the debt collectors and their information.

You should send the same complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission to the agency in Wisconsin that handles debt collectors. Send copies of the letter to the collection agency as well as the original creditor. There are some instances where the creditor will forget the debt in exchange for you withdrawing the complaint. They do this out of liability fears.

The fifth step is to sue the debt collector, but only consider this option if you have a very strong case against the agency documenting harassment. You should not sue the collector simply because they are annoying.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, can answer all of your questions related to stop debt collection and inform you of your rights.

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