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What are your options for dealing with medical debt?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2018 | Medical Debt |

Learning that you have a medical issue that needs immediate attention can be frightening. You may worry what the situation may mean for your health, your family and other aspects of your life. After learning about available treatment and moving forward with the most effective option, you may have felt some semblance of relief that the problem was addressed. Of course, that feeling may have been short lived once you received your medical bills.

Treatment for many types of medical conditions can leave patients facing thousands of dollars in expenses. Even with insurance coverage, you may still struggle to cover the balances left. Because unexpected medical emergencies can leave many people facing financial troubles, you may wonder how they deal with such issues and what options you could potentially utilize.

Review your bills

One of the first steps you may find useful when it comes to addressing medical debt relates to reviewing your bills. Trying to ignore them will not make them go away, and this action could, in fact, result in more detrimental impacts to your credit as well as lead to accrued interest and other fees. By reviewing your bills, you could gain a better idea of how much you owe and for what you have been charged.

In some cases, billing departments can make mistakes, and by pointing out these errors, you may end up owing less than expected. Additionally, this step could also allow you to determine whether your insurance did not pay for a service that should have been covered under your policy.

Payment plans

In some cases, you could potentially qualify for a payment plan. By speaking with the financial department at the hospital or other medical center at which you received treatment, you may learn about payment plan options that would allow you to address your balances over time rather than all at once. Of course, you may have to meet certain stipulations before qualifying for such assistance.


Though it may seem like a scary thought to consider, bankruptcy could also be a viable option for dealing with considerable medical debt. In fact, medical expenses are among the top reasons that individuals file for bankruptcy. If you believe that this option may have the ability to help you address your debt burdens, you may wish to gain more information from local Wisconsin legal resources.


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