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Strategies to handle your holiday credit card debt

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Bankruptcy |

As your credit card bills from the holidays become due, you may be thinking about revising your financial approach in the new year. It can be hard to get a fresh start, especially when you owe too much money from December’s festivities.

These three smart strategies can help you tackle holiday credit card debt to improve your monetary outlook for 2022.

Use your rewards

If you earn rewards on your credit cards, avoid cashing those out for gift cards and coupons. Instead, put any money you earned through holiday spending right back toward your balance. If you can qualify for a new card that offers an attractive balance transfer incentive such as 0% interest, consider transferring your holiday balances to pay them off at a lower rate.

Review your budget

Changing your financial habits can help you get ahead. List all your monthly expenses and compare them to your income. What items can you cut? Where can you save? Put any extra money you can identify toward your credit card bills.

Make a strategy

If you have multiple cards, try the snowball method to rid yourself of high-interest debt first. Pay the minimums on all your cards except the one with the highest interest rate. Then, put any surplus in your budget toward that card. When you pay it off, repeat those steps with the next-highest interest rate.

Sometimes, it becomes impossible to repay your debt because of unexpected hardship or other factors. In this case, bankruptcy can potentially provide a solution to help you move forward with your finances.


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