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How a bankruptcy means test works

Any individual or family that files federal bankruptcy must fill out a means test. This test aims to determine whether the debtor qualifies for Chapter 7 or if they must file Chapter 13. While Chapter 7 means the debtor must liquidate their assets, they can get rid of...

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Fall Money Saving Tips

With Fall upon us in Wisconsin, there are a number of seasonal, as well as everyday things, you can do to cut costs. The added benefit is that many of these will ALSO help you get healthier too! It's a win/win, so read on!WeatherproofHome-heating costs are not cheap....

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Common Money Worries

Money is a common concern and source of on-going anxiety for 80% of Americans.  In fact a recent survey found that 4 out of 5 American adults are faced with economic insecurity at some point during their lives.  Even when we achieve a level of financial...

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