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Small Business Bankruptcy

Can a past bankruptcy harm your chances of getting a job?

In the event that you are denied employment by a private employer because of a bankruptcy you likely will not have rights against that employer.The bankruptcy code does address current and prospective employment discrimination against someone that files for...

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Can I pay my taxes with a Credit Card, then file bankruptcy to discharge the Debt?

With April 15th only a few days away, many people are working hard to come up with the money to pay the Government. For those who are self employed, estimated tax liability payments are due every quarter starting April 15th. The IRS will allow you to pay your tax debt...

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Strategies to Recover After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy might seem like the end of the road, but the stigma is not nearly as severe as it once was. In the past, it meant that the chances of getting approval on unsecured personal loans applications were practically nil, while even those lending firms who might be...

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Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

Misconceptions About Bankruptcy Could Be Keeping Away Those Who Need HelpHistorically, bankruptcy has been stigmatized. Narrow-minded people saw those filing for bankruptcy as failures, as deadbeats or as being guilty of living far beyond their means. Nowadays,...

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Beware of Bankruptcy Preparers-hire a well qualified lawyer to help you

Thousands of Milwaukee residents file for bankruptcy each year. A good number believe they can't afford a lawyer but are intimidated by the idea of trying find their way through a legal system they don't understand.These citizens have critical questions about the...

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Attorney Miller quoted in Journal Sentinel regarding decline in Bankruptcy Filings

Bankruptcies ease in U.S., state e-mail print By Paul Gores of the Journal Sentinel July 25, 2011 |(1) Comments Bankruptcy filings in Wisconsin and the nation are running behind last year's pace, but attorneys say it's too soon to know whether the wave of filings...

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