Our 3 Step Process

Step 1:
Get Out Of Debt

Step 2:
Clean Up Your Credit

Step 3:
Build Your Score

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Rocket Dog (Credit Updater)

Miller & Miller’s Partnership with Rocket Dog Helps You Take Control of Your Financial Reputation!

Employers, banks, lenders, insurance companies, and landlords make decisions regarding your financial reputation based on your credit reports. Rocket Dog helps make sure your credit reports are truthful and accurate. That is the biggest step to “finishing your bankruptcy.” Through our partnership with Rocket Dog, Miller & Miller provides you with the tools needed.

Your Bankruptcy is Complete. But You’re Not Done Yet…

You might be surprised to know that your bankruptcy does not automatically update your credit reports. This is not the fault of your attorney or some issue with the bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy (which your attorney handles) and credit reporting (which you handle) are two separate systems.

Credit reporting agencies do not always get the correct data after a bankruptcy. There is no automatic link between the bankruptcy court and the three major credit reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Even after your attorney has properly notified all your creditors of your bankruptcy and your debts have been discharged, credit reporting bureaus are not notified by an official party of your bankruptcy. And incorrect data will prolong issues with your credit!

Empowering You

We understand that bankruptcy can be financially stressful time. In order to save you the expense of hiring someone to update and monitor all your credit reports for you, Miller &Miller has partnered with Rocketdog Reports to provide you with the tools you need to successfully update your credit reports yourself. When your bankruptcy is complete, Miller & Miller will you sign up for this program, and you will receive a self-help pack that explains the process and provides materials for you to send to the three major credit reporting bureaus.

Welcome to your new financial future. Thank you for allowing us to help you update your credit reports and truly finish your bankruptcy.

Rocket Dog’s Credit Updating Package Includes:

  • Seven Letters
    • Fully pre-written and addressed.
    • All you have to do is signs and send!
    • All the letters are yours to keep and use forever.
  • Detailed instructions on how to “talk” to the credit bureaus (and what to expect in response).
  • Detailed instruction on how to read a credit report.
  • Email Support.

This product normally costs $99 but it is INCLUDED free of charge to Miller & Miller clients as part of our 3 Step Process and commitment to your financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do after I mail my letters to the credit bureaus? How long does it take to make the changes to my reports?

The credit bureaus have 30 days to update your report and notify you.

Do I get a new credit report or do you give me one?

If the credit bureaus make substantial changes, they will often send you a free credit report right then and there. If not, you are entitled to a free credit report from each bureau each year. You just need to request one!

For more information about Rocket Dog, contact Miller & Miller today.